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Dear Colleagues,


Interest in total occlusion procedures are increasing day by day, due to an increase in patient numbers.


As CTO Club, we have been organizing various meetings since 2009 for our colleagues who want to refresh their knowledge and share their experiences.

With these experiences that we have acquired from the previous years, we have been carrying on our meeting to the international platform under the name of "CTO Essentials" in our 12th year.


We have planned our meeting which will be attended by very valuable operators from Europe, America, Japan and the Middle East as 3 days and the first and second day of the program will be in English and last day is in Turkish.


Rather than the similar meetings, "CTO Essential" was designed to benefit operators at all levels, including operators who have recently started KTO initiatives. We would like to invite you to CTO Essentials on 3 - 5 December 2021 that 14 cases will be live transmissions, many registered cases and complications will be discussed with the contribution of operators from different countries.


All kind of cardiologist level, We believe that our meeting will be very effective.


Sincerely Yours,



Prof. Ömer Göktekin, MD

President of Turkish CTO Club Society

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